10 signs you’re a complete ski & snowboard addict

    Published on March 10th, 2015 | by David Harrison


    How many of these signs can you relate too? We estimate anything over 5 means you are a serious ski and snowboard addict.. but there’s nothing wrong with that!!


    1) You sit at work Googling and consciously planning your next ski and snowboarding holiday

    2) Summer doesn’t make you feel half as happy as it does other people..

    skis in bedPhoto by joshfassbind.com

    3) You often debate quitting your job & doing a ski season

    4) Money is the only present you tend to ask for on birthdays in order to fund your upcoming ski/snowboard holiday

    skiing holiday photo

    5) When someone tells you they’ve booked a skiing and boarding holiday you feel green with envy..


    6) Your profile picture is ultimately you in ski wear..


    7) You find yourself using ski gear in your daily life.. Oh look at my new shelf!


    8) You’ve dreamt on more than one occasion that you’re on the snow and felt upset at the actual reality

    9) You have numerous scars from skiing and boarding that you are somewhat proud of


    10) You’ve watched at least 5 snowboarding / skiing videos in the last few weeks, and one of them is probably of Warren Miller


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