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Product: Panda Optics – ‘Diablo’ Goggles 


Date: December 2015

Resort: Passo Del Tonale and Ponte De Legno

Conditions: Changeable (Periods of low cloud with poor visibility and periods of bright sunshine with piste glare)

Retail Price: £85


Brand and Packaging:

The goggles are boxed – and contains the goggles, a low visibility lense to swap with the polarised lense when required, a carry bag and stickers. The Initial impression was one of a quality product offering strong styling (loved the logo) and added value re the 2 lense option. They appeared well constructed and robust – with plenty of ventilation.


The Panda Diablo’s were tested in both low cloud at high altitudes (up to 3000 metres) and in bright sunshine on a glacier. The first thing to say here is swapping the lenses over is extremely easy which makes this model extremely useful in changeable conditions – which is most of the time in the mountains!). Click here to see how easy this really is…..

The low visibility lenses were extremely effective – making it easy to indentify the undulations both on and off piste.

The Polarised lenses offered clear definition even on the brightest day minimising glare and reflections from the piste.


I experienced no problems with condensation or misting up of the goggles. They are designed with ventilation in mind and are certainly fit for purpose.

Likes: Branding, polarised lense, low visibility lense, styling, overall package value, carry bag.

Dislikes: Struggling here really – all I would say is a wipe cloth would be useful – and polarised lenses can scratch so treat them with care.

SO – considering the high quality of these goggles and their value in comparison to most major brands, I can strongly recommend them, with a 9/10 review. Well done Panda, great job.

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