5 of the best skiing photographers to ‘like’ on Facebook

    Published on March 9th, 2015 | by David Harrison

    What a better way to get yourself excited for those winter months and the upcoming skiing season than to follow some of the best photographers around on Facebook, with regular updates on your homepage enhancing the excitement (and to pass time more quickly at the office!)

    With only 444 fans on Facebook we can’t believe how underrated this man is! His skiing pictures are truly phenomenal, with one even recently appearing on the front of the Ski Canada Magazine! Well done, Geoff.

    geoff holman2geoff holman4geoff holman


    Paolo’s audience on Facebook is much higher with 4,207 likes currently, and we can’t say we are surprised with the spectacular shots we have seen over the past few weeks! Paolo focuses on a range of outdoor sports not just skiing, give him a follow today to see his fantastic collection.


    Another highly underrated and phenomenal photographer who’s audience is just 340 on Facebook. Cory is a back-country skier and adventure photographer, with some of the best views we have seen in his photos!



    With a respectable audience of 1,677, Brians outdoor photography shots are definitely one of the best!! Brian has also won a number of awards for his stunning photography, including silver at the International Freeski Film Festival iF3 The Hague, the Netherlands in the PRO category with the photograph “Spray of Pow”, in October 2014.

    outdoor 2outdoor 3outdoor 1


    Jason is amongst the most popular ski photographers on Facebook, with a huge and engaged audience of 4,445. His pictures are extra special as they are often alongside outdoor adventure stories and fantastic personal experiences.

    jason1jason2outdoor 3


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