What makes a Snowboarder?

    Published on March 12th, 2015 | by David Harrison


    1) Wearing hats, caps & beanies indoors on a regular basis – and for many, sunglasses are a cool option even after dark.


    2) Speaking their own language

    – If you overhear a snowboarders conversation – don’t be alarmed. The type of lingo used includes ‘Shreddin ‘The Gnar’, which simply means riding the terrain. You are likely to also hear shreddin’ ridin’ and cruisin’, pow, stoked, Boned Out, Backside Rodeo…..and the list goes on. 

    3) More snow – more play!

    happy snow photo

    Photo by Red Rose Exile

     4) Looks at handrails in a different way to most people, if only there was some snow!

    handrails photo

    Photo by halfrain

    5) When there is no snow, you can always practice indoors!

    finger snowboard photo

    Photo by Wicked Sushi

     6) Your background / profile pictures aren’t your other half of your dog.. They’re you landing a Backside 180

     7) You refer to the best snowboarders by their first names, despite never meeting them – Shaun, Travis or Halldor are mates.

     8) Everything is a surface for stickers..

    covered in stickers photo

    Photo by Liz Henry


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