How well do you really know your ski resorts?


Situated in central Switzerland at the convergence of four mountain passes, this place gets hammered by about 40 feet of white stuff a year...

spain flag

Sun, sea, sand, and skiing? Does Spain have any ski resorts?


Several neighbouring resorts in Italy and France are part of a huge ski region that shares its name with a chocolate bar. Which chocolate bar?

Val Thorens8

The winner of the best Ski resort 2014 was Val Thorens, France?

euope skiing

What percentage of ski areas are located within Europe?


_______ is North America's most popular ski resort but only 9th worldwide

copper mountain

Where is this popular Copper Mountain located? (It is often visited by GB snowboarder Dom Harrington!)


Where is this luxury french resort?


What is the world’s most popular ski resort with over 2.5 million skier visits per year?

1Tunnel alpe d'Huez (2)

Where is this famous landmark?

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