Snowboarder Falls 50 Feet into a Massive Crevasse in Chamonix

    Published on July 2nd, 2015 | by Leanne Rowley


    snowboard news Looking-up-from-my-resting-place-on-the-snowbridge-at-the-hole-I-fell-into-and-the-ice-I-slid-down-620x348-600x336

    Brandon Kampschurr was snowboarding in Chamonix with a ski guide when he fell into a massive crevasse and was stranded for over an hour. Despite falling more than 50 feet, Kempschurr was unscathed, and rescued promptly by the guides he was riding with.

    “I definitely want to reiterate how gnarly and perilous of a situation I just got myself into, and I’m so lucky I was with a guide,” Kempschurr said as he awaited rescue. Kampschurr fell over 300 feet into a deep narrow space and was told that ‘it was a miracle he was not injured’. Brandom claims his snowboard actually helped him as it helped to break his fall, all he suffered was a slightly bruised elbow.

    A Mont-Blanc ski patroller was lowered into the crevasse and lifted Brandon out, he continues to off-peast board and suggests people should always carry a phone or some sort of communication device when skiing/snowboarding. It is also advised that people doing any extreme sport, whether it be skiing or snowboarding, where a helmet in case of incidents like the above.brannonbrannon snowboarding

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