Skiing vs Snowboarding

Published on April 8th, 2015 | by Leanne Rowley


1) Looking Good!

Skiing – the worst part is walking to the slopes with rigid ski boots, skis and poles and dropping gloves hats and goggles.

Snowboarding – soft boots, no poles easy to carry your board, its easy to look cool!

snowboarder outfit


2) Speed

Skiing – skiers are generally faster.. the current record is just over 250kph. Impressive!

Snowboarding – They may be fast, but compared to skiing the record is just 200kph.

fast skiing


3) Injuries!!

Skiing – They face many more lower body injuries- ACL ruptures are significantly common.

Snowboarding- Much safer for leg injuries however many broken wrists, arms, collar bones and even the coxyx, ouch!

snowboarder funny

4) Typical wear

Skiing – All-in-one ski suits will never be forgotten!!

Snowboarding- Baggy sallies, sherpa hats, fluo goggles – there can be little doubt this is cool gear.

The Jump Series 2


5) Popularity!

Skiing- Increased even among “Boarders” core audience. Sportsworks Shop in Duxbury USA used to sell 50%/50% ski’s and snowboards – now they only sell 1 snowboard for every 25 sets of ski’s!

Snowboarding –  The Mountain High Ski Area in southern California have found that in exactly a decade, beginning in 2002, the number of boarders had fallen nearly in half, from 80,000 to 42,000.

It’s impossible for us to choose between skiing & snowboarding as we love both!! Drop us a comment with your favorite and why 🙂

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