Learn your lingo…

    Always wanted to learn a new language? Well, close your duolingo tab and look no further...click play to educate yourselves in the difficult yet sophisticated language of 'Skibum'... Read More

    I Want One!

    Here at Ilovetoskiandboard we love all adventure sports and if they take place in the mountains then even more so. I've been on a snowmobile a few times, but not quite like these guys... Read More

    Slalom is no child’s play…

    This video isn't for the fainthearted...It really shows you how far these guys push the limits to be the best in the world and it doesn't always go to plan... Read More

    Rad stunts of 2018…

    We are getting stoked for this upcoming season and to get you guys right there with us, here are some of the best tricks of 2018. Who knows what 2019 will bring... ... Read More

    Power To The Poachers

    "Poaching, first referred to the act of snowboarding at a resort where snowboards were explicitly prohibited, is sometimes understood as a form of civil disobedience". Well that's what Wikipedia says... i just think its crazy that any ski resort doesn't welcome all riders on whatever they want! Power To The Poachers!!... Read More

    Bring It Back!

    Have you heard of ski ballet before??? Well if you haven't i guess you have no idea it used to be an Olympic sport! It's outrageous and i can see why it didn't catch on, but you have to admit, its pretty impressive! I say lets bring it back!... Read More

    Don’t know what to do with your old ski equipment…

    If you have been skiing a while I bet you have a few pairs of old skis gathering dust. Instead of giving them the chuck I'm here to help with my top five quirky ideas for up-cycling. Depending on how much of a hoarder you are i think I've got an option for everyone! ... Read More

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