Best Places to Snowboard in Switzerland

    Published on March 9th, 2015 | by David Harrison


    Compared with other European snowboarding resorts, Switzerland is hard to beat. It is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and also the most captivating traffic-free old mountain villages, the best mountain restaurants, and some of the most impressive ski runs!

    Here are a few of our favorite resorts:

    1) Verbier

    Verbier is a world renowned name and attracts riders from all corners of the globe, all that that can afford it that is. Verbier attracts extreme snowboarders with it’s a fully polished resort, and a massive modern interlinked lift system and perfectly groomed pistes. The lines you get in Verbier are arguably some of the best in Europe.

    Verbier is also said to be the worlds most exclusive ski resort, with the likes of The Beckhams, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jude Law, Jamie Oliver and Jemima Khan been known to ski here!

    Verbier(Picture Accreditation:

    2) Davos

    Davos is one of the best resorts in Switzerland at offering something for the whole family. Huge pisted area and excellent freeriding spread across 5 mountains, and not to mention the terrain park and 2 halpipes. Direct train services and good local services complete the package, but go mid-week to avoid the masses.

    Not only is Davos a major snowboarding resort, it is also a massive town that offers a number of things for you to have a holiday of a lifetime! This includes tons of deep powder, half pipes, fun parks, a boardercross circuit and night riding.

    davos Picture Accreditation (

    3) St Moritz

    Most people see this name and automatically think ‘wealth’ and ‘fame.’ Whilst the resort does have a reputation for being one of the most well-heeled places in the world, it is also one of the best for snowboarders! The freeriding in nearby Corvatsch or Diavolezza are one of a kind.

    St Moritz has the best powder, parks, sceneries and parks in Switzerland, but a slightly disappointing nightlife for those visiting for more than just a boarders holiday!

    st moritzPhoto Accreditation (


    4) Laax

    One of our personal favourite places, pure snowboard heaven. This place is highly regarded by snowboarders who know of it, it is a full snowboarders resort that links up with our next favourite resort Flims. When events are held here, it’s not just the top riders that come to perform, some big name pop stars and DJ’s also put in an appearance.

    With 235 km pistes with 5 snow-secure valley runs, 29 facilities, 4 snowparks and the largest half pipe in the world- all of this in one of Europe’s snowiest and sunniest winter resorts!

    laax (Picture Accreditation:

     5) Flims

    Laax and Flims are the two villages that share the same incredible slopes. Both are worthy places to stay but it is Laax that tends to get all the headlines over the more chilled Flims. Flims also tends to be a little less crowded even though the two resorrs link up on the slopes by lifts and share a joint lift pass.

    Anyone with a vague interest in freestyle has heard of Laax. For years the Burton European Open has been held here while the British Ski & Snowboard Champs called it home for years. It’s easy to see why they pick it. With 235km of pistes, 43km of freeride routes, terrain parks etc there is plenty to keep you coming back.

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