Don’t know what to do with your old ski equipment…

    Published on October 18th, 2019 | by Brad Thompson


    Here is a quick top 5 of inventive creations using old or broken equipment, why leave it gathering dust when it probably has a great story behind it! So turn it into a great one off piece of furniture or a handy piece of kit…

    Right, lets get to it!

    .5 Bottle opener

    In at number 5 the Bottle opener. You don’t even need a full ski for this one. Small, quirky and it would make a great edition to any garden or bar!

    .4 Plunger

    At number 4 The Plunger, one that just made me laugh, and who hasn’t snapped a pole! Granted, they normally go straight in the bin, but maybe you will think twice before throwing a snapped pole away now you know this comical up-cycle.

    .3 Coffee table/Bench

    In at number 3 the Coffee Table/Bench, super simple to make, and i think it would look good anywhere. There’s 100 ways to play with this simple design and its a classic.

    .2 Thrown Armchair 

    Runner up is the Iron Thrown rip off. If you have a few more pairs of skis in the attic then this is the chair for you! again super simple to make and you know you want one!

    Drum roll please…

    .1 The Bed Of All Beds

    It just had to be first. I don’t know what nutter made this but I’m starting the stockpile of skis so i can make my own! This bed, should you choose to accept the challenge, is only for the nutty and bold! Probably 25 pairs of skis, a decent work shed and a very understanding partner are a must!

    If you decide to make any of these up-cycling ideas or have already made some wacky creation please send us a photo of your handy work. You can upload your photos through the website. If we are impressed we will share your creation on our Facebook page!

    Hope you have been inspired to give any old equipment a new lease of life!

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