Get snowboarding fit with Aimee Fuller

    Published on May 6th, 2016 | by Jordan Kierans


    Get ready for the slopes with pro snowboarder Aimee Fuller as she shares her top six workouts.


    The gym plays a very important role to me as a snowboarder. I use it to get as physically ready as I can be to attack anything. Living in the UK, getting on snow isn’t as easy as when you live in Austria and have it on your doorstep. So my time in the gym between seasons and on travelling days means that when I’m on my board, I’m ready for it.

    1. Squats


    For squats, it doesn’t matter if you’re at home or in the gym, just grab something heavy! I normally do barbell squats, starting with three light warmup sets, then progressively increasing the weight by 5kg every set for four sets. You can mix it up with single leg squats too – just use half the weight and knock out the reps!

    2. Russian Deadlifts

    Straight leg deadlifts are a killer on the hamstrings, but they’re a favourite of mine and great for injury prevention.

    3. Squat Jumps & Single Leg Squat Jumps


    I like to feel light and springy on my board, so I normally finish off my workout with squat jumps. I grab a sandbag, kettlebell or just the barbell and repeat three sets of 10. This is physically taxing on your body as it gets the heart rate up and gets the legs burning, but it will keep you light, lean and fast.

    4. Window Wipers

    Window wipers hit the core hard and are a favourite of mine as their action resembles that of initiating a spin or turn on your snowboard. Moving your legs side to side requires you to be able to control your full body weight.

    5. Core Holds

    @redbulluk fuelling the balance game tonight 💪🏻😜 @roxy #roxyfitness

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    Core holds are another favourite of mine. You can do these in a park, the gym or just find two obstacles to support your weight on. Try and hold in position for three lots of 30 seconds. This is a great stabilising exercise and engages your deep core muscles.

    6. Chin-Ups

    The upper body is often neglected in snowboarding, but it’s important to be strong throughout your body. Chin-ups are a favourite of mine, as they work your core along with being a great shoulder stabilising exercise. If you take a tumble on the slopes, strong shoulders will come in handy!

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