The amazing story of Stephanie Jallen!

    This post shows the story of the brave and strong, Stephanie Jallen. Stephanie lost her left leg at a very young age and with her grit, perseverance and determination, she has made it as a bronze medallist Paralympic skier. Her story is truly an inspiration to us all that anything is possible if you have the strength and courage! ... Read More

    Amy Purdy creating history!

    Amy Purdy has created history. This courageous and strong woman used snowboarding to give her the motivation to walk and to be able to ride again. Now, she's back on her board doing what she loves the most and looks bloody good whilst she's doing it. We were all so inspired by her journey and her story and we know you will be as well, have a read! ... Read More

    Beat them moguls!

    If you don't like moguls or haven't yet mastered them, here are a few tips that might help you next time you're on the mountain!... Read More

    Sledging fails

    We have all been there, which is why this made us smile so much. Let us know which one you guys think is the funniest... Read More

    Advanced skier tries snowboarding!

    Laura is a skier who has been riding since forever but on this occasion, she tries snowboarding. Or as the skiers out there would say, 'she turned to the dark side'. It is also amusing watching someone attempt the other sport but she gets the hang of it pretty quickly! ... Read More

    Advanced boarder attempts skiing!

    We have seen a skier attempt boarding and now we will see a snowboarder try to master skiing! We wonder what the challenges of skiing will be for David? Take a look!... Read More

    We spotted a Bigfoot!!!

    Bigfoot certainly looks like it is a laugh and apparently they are actually pretty decent to ride on if the conditions aren't as great. Would you try them out or stick to what you know and love? ... Read More

    Because why not!

    They rode to 'can't stop dancing' and that is exactly what they look like they're doing on a board, love it! We hope this gets you as stoked to get out on the mountain as it did with us... Read More

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