Penguins Born on Indoor Snow

    Published on April 15th, 2016 | by Jordan Kierans


    This is just a little bit cute!

    “Ski Dubai, which has been home to a penguin colony for several years, has announced that it has successfully raised a brood of young penguins born in Dubai.

    The four new chicks, parented by Sneezy and Mr Sim and named Peter, Litmit, Apple and Pecan were born shortly before Christmas, taking the penguin colony’s numbers up to 28.

    The birds are Gentoo penguins and Ski Dubai say that as well as being a tourist attraction the indoor colony is respected by the conservationists for its educational role and research in to this ‘threatened but not yet endangered’ species. Money raised from the penguin attraction helps fund research of the species.

    The young birds currently weight in at around 8kg and are checked daily. The first penguin chick to be born in the colony, a king penguin chick pictured above, died unexpectedly a few months after its birth a year ago.”

    Source: In the snow

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