People You’ll Meet On Every Ski Trip

    Published on March 6th, 2015 | by David Harrison


    1. A really small child who probably lives at the resort, and is considerably better than you

    2. An older couple who will try out a minimal amount of skiing before simply relaxing with a cold beer

    skiing alcohol photo

    Photo by kcxd

    3. The ski season worker that has permanent goggles on..


    4. The injury prone one.. that spends the whole week on the floor

    ski injury photo

    5. The person (as much as it pains us to say) that is considerably better than everyone else.

    best skier  photo

    Photo by dualdflipflop

    6. The person who only really cares about powder, talks about powder, watches the powder forecast, searches for new powder and dreams about powder……

    snow powder photo

    Photo by Zach Dischner

    7. The person who loses their ski in the powder, and spends precious skiing time trying to find it.

    lost ski  photo

    Photo by timkelley

    8. The person that notices the snowboarders and can’t help but automatically dislike them

    snowboarder fall photo

    Photo by Ruth and Dave

    9. The person who becomes best friends with the boarders..

    snowboard skier photo

    Photo by Chill Mimi

    10. Someone who gets the best skiing pictures- where would we be without them?!

    skiing photo

    Photo by timo_w2s

    11. The group of skiers/snowboarders who decide to map out which routes to take while blocking the entrance to a trail…

    ski planning photo

    Photo by Agurno

    12. People in fancy dress

    skiing  photo

    Photo by Alaskan Dude

    13. The guy that enjoys the fancy dress more than the others..

    skiing  photo

    Photo by pdbreen

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