Pros and cons of doing a ski season!

    Published on December 22nd, 2019 | by Brad Thompson


    We have done a post about what items we think are essential for a ski season, but what are the pros and cons of actually doing one? There is a lot of conversation surrounding ski seasons and what they are all about so we thought that we would give our perspective of what doing one was actually like. If you’re thinking of doing one and you’re weighing up your options then these ideas might help you.


    1. You get to improve your skiing massively – and it REALLY does improve, we have seen complete beginners leave as advanced skiers because of the amount of practice you get nearly everyday.
    2. The environment – if you’re doing a ski season then we presume you are a fellow mountain lover. No day is too bad of a day when you live in such a beautiful space, it really puts everything into perspective and makes for an amazing lifestyle.
    3. The people – you will undoubtedly make friends that you might know for life, as you bond over being in a similar situation and over your love for the same things.
    4. The culture – living in a different country means adapting to a new culture, wherever you end up, it’s awesome to be immersed within a new environment and adapt to a new way of life.
    5. The element of adventure – wherever you go and whatever job you are doing, it is a completely new adventure and often an exciting one!
    6. Self-growth – because of the reasons above, you tend to grow a lot on your ski seasons. You constantly learn things about yourself and because you have to be independent (as you are away from home), you can grow as an individual.
    7. A white Christmas – skiing and having new year on Christmas is pretty amazing, people dream of having a white Christmas and it’s pretty definite you’ll have one.
    8. The community – no matter what resort you’re in, you’ll get to know the community of locals that have lived their all their lives and make new friends!
    9. The après – A ski season is FUN. No matter where you go, apre’ing on a ski season with all of your mates is a LOT of fun and creates memories you’ll never forget.


    1. Away from home at Christmas – not all of you will feel this one. Often people can feel quite homesick when they’re away for Christmas, but everyone is in the same position and groups together to have a lovely day!
    2. Overwhelming – If you’re not used to being away from home, or even if you are, ski seasons can be overwhelming. You are in an entirely new environment and away from your family and friends. Sometimes you can feel lonely and the way to combat this is to KEEP BUSY, put yourself in social situations and make an extra effort to make friends.
    3. Your bank account – most people we know (including our team) haven’t come back having saved money from their seasons. It isn’t a money making career and be prepared to often be rather skint, skint and happy!
    4. Lack of routine – For people who love their routine in life, a season MAY not be for you. Although you do get a routine eventually, you often move from place to place and live quite spontaneously. Also, after the 6 months and when the season ends, you have to look for your next adventure or job placement and it isn’t often in the same place.

    For us, the pros massively out weigh the cons when it comes to doing a ski season. If you think it could be for you but are not sure, take a gamble! If you don’t like it, you can fly home, what’s the worst that could happen? It might just be the best thing you’ve ever decided to do…


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