Safety is sexy!

    Published on December 11th, 2019 | by Brad Thompson


    SAFETY IS SEXY, is what our old ski instructor friends yelled at us last year as we prepared to go off piste. It is so important that you have the correct equipment with you when you ride off piste, in many instances, it can be the difference between life and death. Here is a checklist of the essentials that we take out with us when we ride off piste.

    • Transceiver – Avalanche transceivers should be worn by all members of a party at all times when skiing in the backcountry. They are used to locate people who have been buried in an avalanche.2. Shovel – This one is pretty self explanatory, once you have located the position of the buried victim by using your transceiver, the shovel is then used to dig the person out of the snow.

    3.  Probe –  Simply shake and throw out the folded segments, while pulling the cord at the top of the probe in order to fix in place. After this, stick the probe into the snow, all probes have depth markers to determine the depth of the buried victim.


    4. Airbag – When an avalanche approaches, you pull an activation handle which instantly fills two airbags with 170 litres of gas via a cartridge or surrounding air. Avalanche airbags bring you to the top of the surface in order to stop you from being buried.


    5. Backpack – You obviously need a bag to store all of your equipment!


    So there we have it – a few must haves if you’re wanting to ride off piste this season. We have uploaded a little vid below that gives you some perspective of what an avalanche is like when you get caught in it! You can buy all of this gear online, obviously the prices vary but make sure you’re reading reviews so you know that what you’re getting is of good quality and ALWAYS test it before you hit the mountain. Remember…safety is sexy!



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