Ski season checklist!!

    Published on December 19th, 2019 | by Brad Thompson


    Thinking of doing a ski season? Well our team here at ilovetoskiandboard have, unsurprisingly, done a lot! So, we grouped together and came up with a list of essentials for you guys that we think will help you out on your seasons. If you’re thinking of doing one, which we definitely recommend, check it out!


    1. Your own blanket – Whatever company that you decide to work for on your season will supply duvets and sleeping gear for you. BE WARNED, a LOT/most bed sheets will not be of a good quality. They will be thin and not particularly comfortable, a warm blanket from home definitely sorted us out on freezing days.

    2. A hot water bottle – For the exact same reason as above – a hot water bottle can make your stays a lot more comfortable and help warm you up when you are cold or if you get sick on your ski season!

    3. A laptop and hard drives with your favourite films on – Now we know that for most of your season you will be either working, out on the slopes, or apre’ing with your mates. BUT, on that one off chance where you want to stay in and have a movie day, this will come in handy. Most companies will situate you in accommodation with no wifi, which is fine for your phones but not for Netflix! So go prepared!

    4. A good quality camera – We know that within this day in age you all have your phones. BUT, seasons go stupidly quickly and you want to capture the memories that you have on them. One member of our team’s phone broke before she could save her pictures and she lost them all…it’s worth taking a camera so your valuable memories are safe.


    5. Self control and a sturdy liver – People say that ski season workers tend to spend 3/4 of their time doing apres and shredding and 1/4 of their time working and honestly…they would be correct. It is SO easy to spend all of your time and money seshing on your season, whether you’re in lively Meribel or a remote resort in the Alps. A little self control may be beneficial for your liver and bank accounts!

    Hope you enjoyed this read, there will be a few more posts soon surrounding ski seasons so keep your eyes peeled out if you are interested!




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