Skiing FAILS!

    Published on September 21st, 2015 | by Ollie Harrisson


    Here at, we monitor most of the  snow media looking for the stuff that excites and makes you laugh. We are sure that you’ll agree it is always funny watching the trials and tribulations of fellow snow folk… In other words: Ski FAILS…as long as there are no injuries obviously – apart from damaged ego’s! 

    Yes, some of these look rather painful, should we feel bad for laughing so much? 


    Now you’re in the mood, we will leave you with some of the funniest photos of mishaps on the slopes:

    Could well be a dance move.



    Please, do not record this..



    I call this, the superman.

    download (6)


    All this falling takes it out of you…



    So, this new yoga pose… Am I doing it right?

    images (1)





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