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    Ok, so this might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or flute of Dom Perignon)…However if you have a few thousand pound spare knocking around, check out GQ’s guide to staying stylish on the slopes this season!


    You might be whizzing past any onlookers in a blur, but that’s no reason not to put some serious thought into your ski wear. This season more designers than ever have included men’s ski jackets, ski goggles and even skis themselves in their collections. In other words, there’s never been a better time to steer clear of those rental salopettes. Take a look at this season’s best men’s ski wear below…

    RL jacket

    Jacket by Ralph Lauren Purple Label, £2,865.


    Rollneck by Uniqlo, £12.90. Salopettes by Canada Goose, £500. Watch by Victorinox, £359. Gloves by Hestra, £85. Helmet by Cébé, £148.99. Skis by Volant, from£1,100.

    1020 (1)

    Gilet by Dsquared2, £520. Rollneck by Alexander McQueen, £805. Salopettes by Moncler, £480. Sunglasses by Dior,£370. Watch by Gucci, £620Helmet by Stefano Ricci, £599. Skis by Völkl, from £625.

    1020 (2)

    Jacket by Christian Lacroix, £900. Rollneck by John Smedley, £139Goggles by Uvex, £74.95. Gloves by Hestra,£85. Skis by Jimmy Choo, to order from £1,000.


    Boots by Fischer, £280. At Ellis Brigham.

    1020 (3)

    Jacket, £1,950. Salopettes, £835. Both by Fendi. Sunglasses by Taylor Morris, £210. Scarf by Ralph Lauren Purple Label, £345. Watch by G-Shock, £75. Gloves by Volcom, £54.99. Poles by Faction, £49.99. At Surfdome.

    1020 (4)

    Jacket by Lanvin, £2,005. At Harvey Nichols. Rollneck by Stefano Ricci,£1,075. Salopettes by Moncler, £480. Both at Harrods. Outdoor eyewear by Adidas, £175. Headphones by Aëdle, £250. At Selfridges. Rucksack by Fendi, £1,750. Gloves by Hestra, £85. At Ellis Brigham. Flask by S’well, £28.

    1020 (5)

    Jacket by Canada Goose, £975. At Harvey Nichols. Rollneck by Uniqlo,£12.90. Hat by Canada Goose, £250. At Harvey Nichols. Goggles by Oakley, £50. At Harrods.


    So all in all, if you decided to pick up every item on the list it would only set you back a cool £18,524.74…..

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