The coolest ski poles ever?

    Published on July 17th, 2015 | by Brad Thompson


    The internet is full of weird and wonderful things- you will all agree, and I have just stumbled accross these! SKIING POLES THAT YOU CAN FILL WITH ALCOHOL…!!


    For the problem drinker in your life who just can’t wait for the end of the day for the sweet taste of alcoholic nectar. For me it would be ideal for a well deserved drink at the top of the mountain I’ve been desperate to tackle for days.

    The Cold Poles ‘Liquid Reservoir’ carry half a pint in each pole and look exactly like a normal ski pole allowing the user to drink far more subtly than drinking from a brown paper bag.

    The manufacturers even suggest that to mix things up the user should have a different liquor in each pole – cocktails! The Cold Poles can be yours for just $96.00 and come with a free cleaning brush.

    Sadly there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has either bought one or filmed themselves indulging in a mid piste drink while no one is watching. We can’t imagine why – what a fantastic idea!!

    If anyone has ever bought these poles or has a video of themselves using them- we would LOVE to hear from you!!!

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