Who struck snowboarding gold at X Games Oslo?

    Published on March 4th, 2016 | by Jordan Kierans


    Missed any of the Norwegian extravaganza of rad? Let us catch you up on a record-breaking weekend.

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    Oslo has a long and worthy history in the arena of competitive snowboarding, having in the past played host to both The Arctic Challenge and the first ever Snowboard World Championships.

    It is also home to one of snowboarding’s most celebrated icons, Mr Terje Håkonsen. Therefore it was fitting that it should become host to a brand new X Games extravaganza of rad.

    In a packed schedule of events including freeski and street skating, snowboard took centre stage, with both men’s and women’s Superpipe contests and a Big Air showdown for both sexes.


    chloe kim

    As the sun set over Oslo on Saturday, February 27, floodlights illuminated a perfectly-shaped pipe that in the sub-zero temperatures had set as hard as granite. Both the men and women had three runs to prove their worth, with the ladies first to drop.

    It was an impressive field of talent that included Olympian and mistress of amplitude Kelly Clark and Arielle Gold whose neck had only recently been hung with gold at the first ever Laax Open. However it was the youngest member of the pack, Chloe Kim, who was to truly shine on the night, going bigger than many of the guys on the first hit, spinning back-to-back 10s and closing out with a McTwist. The deal was sealed on her final run as she bagged a score of 98, becoming the youngest-ever pipe medallist in X Games history with the best-ever score.


    Danny Davis, Iouri Podladtchikov, Pat Burgener, Louie Vito, David Habluetzel, Ayumu Hirano, Chase Josey and Kent Callister made up the roster in the men’s superpipe finals, with Danny and Iouri having already both medalled in this very pipe in the past decade.

    But it was the 17-year-old, Ayumu Hirano, who was to set the bar in the first round with a score of 92.33 and then set the bar up another notch with a run that included a cab double cork 1440, his unique crippler Japan, followed by back-to-back 1080s and that switch double back to fakie.

    Iouri, who is not a man to shy away from a challenge and was the last competitor to drop in the third round, entered the finals in first place after the qualifications. However, his frontside 9 tail, backside double cork 1260 and cab double cork 1080 couldn’t beat Ayumu, but did earn him silver. He was joined on the podium by the American ripper Chase Josey.

    Big Air

    The location of the Big Air could not have been more stunning, with the jump, a mind-bending latticework of scaffolding, rising from one of the city’s parks. Here 20,000 spectators came to experience the thrill of class-A trickery, performed by some of the best slopestyle riders in the world, including Max Parrot, Peetu Piiroinen and local favourite Torgeir Bergrem.


    However it was again a young Japanese rider, this time Yuki Kadono, who was to take an early lead in the two jump finals with a backside triple 1620. Max Parrot also threw down a backside triple 1620 but a slightly messy landing meant that he scored .33 of a point less than Yuki to earn silver, with the bronze going to Billy Morgan and his back triple 1440.

    The outcome of the women’s Big Air was a tough one to predict with the six-strong field housing Olympians and world champs, including Jamie Anderson, Kjersti Buaas and Miss Style, Spencer O’Brien.


    Christy Prior took an early lead with a front 7 off the toes that scored a healthy 84 points, but she was knocked off her throne in the second round by the ever-impressive Dutch ripper, Cheryl Maas. Cheryl has recently moved to Oslo with her family, which pleased the crowd no end. But the biggest cheer was saved for local legend Kjersti Buaas, who added X Games bronze to her already bursting trophy cabinet.

    Oslo truly proved that it was worth of the privilege of becoming the latest addition to the X Games global sporting calendar, while the snowboarders in both pipe and jump put on a stellar show for the citiy’s sport-hungry residents. X Games Oslo 2016 will go down in the history of competitive snowboarding as one of the friendliest, coolest and most impressive displays of core action sports.

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